Best in Specialty Show
Multiple Group Winner
2016 DPCA National Specialty 3rd Place Stud Dog
2015 DPCA National Specialty Award of Merit
2015 DPCA National Specialty 2nd Place Stud Dog
2014 DPCA National Specialty 1st Place Stud Dog 
Ozzy Head HR
 Ozzy AOM 2015 Stud Dog 2015 Et
Nationals 2014
Ozzy Group 1 Dec 2014
nationals-2016-stud-dogSTUD DOG FIRST
Ozzy gazebo 1
Nationals 2013 - resize
Group 1 resize Ozzy stacked
Ozzy Best in Specialty -resize
Ozzy Best of Breed Dec 2014 001
Ozzy Nationals retouch - resize Ozzy Manitowoc - resize Ozzyresize Ozzy Waukesha resize Ozzy Oshkosh resize Ozzy FondduLac - resize Ozzy Indiana resizeOzzy Waukesha armband - resize Ozzy and Leah Headshots